Chromatic Winds is available from CommA since a few weeks. Write to clerouley(at) to order a copy

Kecap Koatl joins Kecap Tilil & Kecap Tuyul in Pura Sombar’s 3rd album The mountain’s third breath, published by CommA in december 2010


Tongues falling from an opened sky is a rather droney EP released by Eg0cide in may 2010

Kecap Tilil : strings / Kecap Tuyul : guitar

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Tales from a lonely tree is Pura Sombar’s 2nd album, it was released on CD-R by CommA in april 2010

Kecap Tilil & Kecap Tuyul : acoustic & electric strings, ebow, effects, voices and various…

Soul Corner was the first album of Pura Sombar (Kecap Tilil & Kecap Tuyul), published on CD-R by CommA in november 2009.